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Welcome to the Bryan Insurance Agency. Since 1921 our team of insurance specialists have provided insurance protection to the people in Graham and North Texas.

As a full line insurance agency we can assist you, your family, your employees, and your businesses by providing the best possible protection at the lowest possible costs. We offer a complete array of personal insurance – auto, home, life, health – to commercial insurance – property, vehicle, liability, bonds, worker’s compensation.

As your independent agent, we represent you not the insurance companies. Our job is to help identify your insurance needs and present you with a full insurance portfolio of products to meet your needs and protect what’s important to you.

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Holiday cyber security tips to ensure safe holiday shopping online

With the holidays upon us, online shopping is predicted to increase 7 to 10%, or as much as $117 billion this season.  If you are among these online shoppers, here are a few safety tips to protect yourself from a cyber-crime. Make sure the...

Remembering Our Veterans

Tomorrow is Veterans Day and all of us at the agency want to thank our veterans for their sacrifices in keeping our country safe.  We are the home of the free because of the brave. Originally named Armistice Day, the day marks the end of World...

Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time - Change Your Clocks on Sunday

It's that time of year when we gain another hour's sleep by reverting to Standard Time.  Don't forget to turn your clocks back one hour Saturday evening. Standard time begins at 2:00 am on Sunday.  Daylight Savings Time was first conceived...

Trick or Treat Safety Tips

Here are some tips to get ready for Halloween to insure you have a safe outing. Go During Safe Trick Or Treat Times You don’t have to wait until it is pitch-black outside to go trick-or-treating. A good trick or treat time is right after an early...

Tree Maintenance & Care

Fall is a great time to prepare the trees on your property for winter.  The trees in your yard can enhance your property, provide shade and offer abundant environmental benefits. However, trees can also pose a safety hazard to your family and...

Fall Driving Tips

Being prepared for fall's inclement weather and hazardous driving challenges is half the battle. Watch your speed: Drive a bit slower when faced with fall driving hazards, especially if you're driving around a school bus.  Keep your distance:...

The Ultimate 7 Fall Home Maintenance Tips

With spring cleaning far behind, and summer fun all but over, it’s time to start fall home maintenance.  Fall is the perfect time to perform important maintenance to your home so you’re not caught in the middle of winter with a drafty house or...

Cindy Townley Celebrates Thirty Years of Service At Bryan Insurance

  Cindy Townley, center, accepts an award for her 30 years of service with Bryan Insurance Agency.  Cindy handles our commercial insurance clients.  Pictured with Cindy are Tommy Dies, left, and Brad Bryan, right.

Sonya Edwards & Ann Ratcliff Attend 66th Annual Association of Desk And Derrick Clubs Convention

    Sonya Edwards & Ann Ratcliff attended the 66th Annual Association of Desk and Derrick Clubs Convention in San Antonio, Texas.  ADDC promotes education of the petroleum, energy, and allied industries. 

Disaster Preparedness

With National Preparedness month wrapping up, it's a good time, in light of the hurricanes and storms, to remind you to prepare.  One project to consider is a Family Communication Plan.  Family Communication Plan Make a plan today. Your...