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Not Old – Just Experienced!

Bryan Insurance Agency in Graham, TX was founded in 1921. It is hard to believe that we will celebrate the 100-year anniversary in a few short years.

1921 was the year New York Yankee pitcher Babe Ruth broke the home-run record. The phrase, “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” first appeared in a trade journal in 1921. That was the year Wonder Bread began distribution, Gucci began selling handbags, and the “Bloody Mary” drink was invented. Nancy Reagan and Rodney Dangerfield were born in 1921. A pound of coffee cost $.57 and a dozen eggs cost $.47. For women, the cloche hat and flapper dress were all the rage, while men wore cuffed trousers and winged tip shoes.

None of us at Bryan Insurance Agency have been here since 1921, but the majority of our staff have been a part of the agency for many years. Seven of us have been in the insurance business over thirty years, three over twenty years, and another five have been in the industry over ten years. The average number of years’ experience of our entire staff is nineteen, and the average of our licensed agents is twenty-one years.

There are several reasons for the longevity of our staff. Bryan Insurance Agency is a great place to work. In fact, we have twice been honored by Insurance Journal’s “Best Agency to Work for” award. Everyone, including the owner and management, works hard, and we all support each other. We believe in the slogan “TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More” and we see this in action every day. Another reason people tend to stay in our business is that it is truly rewarding. We are honored that our clients put their trust in us to assist in protecting their financial assets and the things that are important to them, and we do not take that trust for granted.

We believe that the level of experience reflected in our staff is a great advantage to our clients. Albert Einstein said that the only source of knowledge is experience, and there is a lot of truth to that way of thinking. While ‘book learning’ is extremely important, there are many things that can only be learned by going through them. Even though many of our staff are ‘old timers’, we are always learning. The insurance industry is constantly changing, so there are always new concepts, coverage forms, and information to take in. Between industry magazines, online articles, informational meetings and continuing education, we strive to be informed on the new information while we hone our understanding of the principles that make up insurance policies and coverages. We also seek to understand and embrace new technology that will help our agency be more efficient and to improve service to our clients.

Since so many of us have been in the industry for many years, we have helped insure some pretty interesting things and have seen some pretty crazy claims. For the sake of client privacy, which we take very seriously, I can’t share most of them, but here are just a few.

  • When talking to an underwriter about insuring a bull, the underwriter asked how the bull was used. We said, “Well, when a bull and a cow love each other very much….”.
  • Our client’s vehicle was in a shop for repair. Someone stole the vehicle from the shop, but the thief left their vehicle at the site. The vehicle was titled in the thief’s name, so it didn’t take long for the police to recover the stolen vehicle.
  • One of our clients helped clean up the 1989 Alaskan oil spill.
  • We helped insure a device that was used on the space shuttle.

As can be imagined, with the number of years we’ve been around, we could tell many more stories.

When Bryan Insurance Agency was founded in 1921, the agency established a reputation of extraordinary personal service and professional compassion. While many things have changed, those founding principles are still values we hold dear.

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