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More than Insurance Comprehensive Risk Management

More Than Insurance

I started my career in the insurance industry in 1985. I was in the Vocational Office Education program in high school, and part of the course for by senior year was to work in an office after school. Bryan Insurance Agency chose me as their student worker for that year, and 31 years later I’m still here. Several of my coworkers have also been with the agency for many years, and sometimes we talk about all the changes we’ve seen. I’m not sure the younger people believe us when we tell them we used to type policies, bonds, correspondence and applications using typewriters. I’m sure it won’t be long before someone asks, “What’s a typewriter?”.

One thing that has changed a lot is the variety of services we provide to our clients. The heart of any insurance agency should be service, and client service has always been the top priority at Bryan Insurance Agency. Our world is constantly changing, and our agency does our very best to keep abreast of new technology and the evolving needs of our clients.

Our first and foremost goal is to work with our clients to provide the best possible protection at the lowest possible cost. We also want to make sure we are there for our clients when they need us, whether it is when they have a claim, need to make changes, or require some other type of insurance-related service. As our clients’ needs have evolved, we have expanded existing services and added new ones. Some examples follow.

Accessibility to Markets

As an independent agent, we can access several different markets and programs. We have direct contracts with dozens of companies and brokers. Our membership of Combined Agents of America LLC makes it possible for us to connect with even more companies.

Client Portal and Mobile App

Our client portal allows 24/7 access to auto ID cards, certificates of insurance, policy information and policy documents. The portal is optimized for use on a mobile device.

Certificates of Insurance

We will issue certificates of insurance within 24 hours (or faster if needed) by fax, email or mail. Access to the client portal also allows our clients to issue or reprint their own certificates.

Premium Audits

If requested, we will assist our clients in preparing for, completing, reviewing and adjusting premium audits.

Loss Control & Risk Management

We coordinate safety and loss control services, such as providing safety videos, literature, and return to work programs. These can be done through the insurance company, through an independent loss control representative, or both.

Claims Assistance and Claims Advocate

  • Claims can be reported by contacting our office, through the client portal, or on our website
  • We can use an independent appraiser to assist in looking at damage and giving indication of claim amount, and then advising client based on limits and deductibles the feasibility of formally filing a claim. 
  • We monitor open claims and work with the client to assist with any questions that come up during the claims process.
  • For complicated claims, a claims advocate can work with the client, our agency and the insurance company to make sure claim is paid correctly.
  • We use AcuComp to monitor open Workers’ Compensation claims and to try to lower reserves which in turn lowers Experience Modifier. AcuComp also verifies Experience Modifier accuracy.

Again, these are just some of the services we can provide. Most of these services are provided at no additional cost to the client. If there is a potential additional cost, we discuss with client and agree upon an arrangement that works for everyone. Obviously, all our clients don’t need or want all these services. We strive to build a custom program for each client that makes sense and meets the specific needs of that client.

We strive to build a partnership with the individuals, businesses owners and managers who put their trust in us. We will continue to do our very best to keep up with the latest trends related to insurance and risk management, and we plan to continue expanding and offering services as needed by our clients.

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