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Overview of Commercial Insurance Product

Overview of Commercial Insurance Product

Here is a quick product overview of the types of commercial insurance products which might be appropriate for your business. Have a question regarding any one of these products, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


For your business contents and buildings.

Business Owners Packages

Geared to the small business owner, this policy combines both property and liability in one policy and also provide extras such as business interruption, computer coverage, and many other risks. 

General Liability

Coverage for claims in the event of bodily injury or property damage occurring on the premises or caused by products or completed operations of your business.

Garage Liability

A specialty coverage for new and used car dealers, auto service stations, repair garages, and other businesses that work on vehicles.

Workers’ Compensation

Protection which provides benefits to employees for any injury or contracted disease arising out of and in the course of employment. All states have laws which require such protection for workers and prescribe the length and amount of such benefits provided. Dividend plans and competitive rates are available from over two dozen companies.

Occupational Accident Plans

Coverage for injuries to employees, can include accident medical expense coverage, weekly accident disability income, and accidental death and dismemberment. Various limits, deductibles and policy forms are available.

Builders Risk

Policies designed for new construction to cover the materials and supplies needed to build, and the increased value while building. This policy provides coverage that the standard property policy does not.


Whether one business vehicle or a fleet of hundreds, we have the right product for you.

Cargo Insurance

If you ship your products in the US or out, you need a cargo policy. 

Inland Marine

This means a policy that covers equipment and tools that move or are taken off premises.

Boiler and Machinery

Covers boiler explosions, mechanical breakdown, and loss of income.


Protects your business from employee dishonesty, theft of money and securities, burglary and robbery.

Computer Coverage

Coverage for mechanical breakdown and other damage. Also covers data and media and extra expense to re-create information in the event of a loss.


We can help you with all types of bonds – ERISA bonds, contractor bonds, notary bonds, bid bonds, performance bonds, etc.

Group Life and Health Products

Life and health insurance for an individual or a group.


If your business is in a flood plain, we can provide flood insurance for your building and contents.

Bailee’s Insurance

If your business involves keeping customers’ items, this can cover loss to those items while they are in your possession.

Business Interruption and Extra Expense

In the event of a covered loss, this policy provides coverage for lost income, payroll expenses, and other extra expenses incurred to move or advertise to maintain the business.

Special Events Coverage

Coverage for parties, hole-in-one contests, one-day events like weddings, one-day sales, fairs, exhibitions, and reunions.

PEO (Professional Employer Organization)/Employee Leasing

Many businesses are contracting with PEO’s to provide payroll services, Workers’ Compensation coverage and Group Health as well as other Fortune 500 benefits that small employers are unable to provide. We have access to several PEO’s and can help you coordinate your existing insurance coverage with the plans the PEO provides.

Coverage for legal costs to defend claims involving sexual harassment, wrongful termination and discrimination including legal liability for such acts.

Cyber Liability

A special form of commercial insurance created to protect businesses against cyber (Internet) risks, such as hackers, social engineering, ransom, and other breaches of computer system security.