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Claims Information

Claims Information

One of the principle keys to our excellent client service is our claims area. Claims are when our clients need us most and our capabilities are most visible. There are multiple ways to report a claim. 

If you experience a personal or a business lines claim, you can call the office and speak to your account manager who will be happy to assist you. 

If you wish to report the claim directly to your insurance company, see below for a list of our major carriers with their contact information. We will be notified of your claim by your carrier. Timing is critical as it can take up to five days for us to receive notification of a claim. 

You can also use our client portal on our website or our mobile app to report a claim.  <insert link to information about portal and mobile app>

If you experience a serious claim after business hours or on the weekend, our staff is available to assist you. If there is a catastrophe, such as a tornado or a fire, our entire team goes on full alert to assist our clients. No matter where you are, we are available for you. If you have a claims emergency outside of regular business hours, contact your designated producer, Sonya Edwards at 940-550-8728, or Tommy Dies at 940-550-4322.

We strongly believe in proper claims handling. As an added benefit, we offer our Claims Advocate who can assess the damage and give an indication of the claim amount. The Claims Advocate can also assist you if there is a complicated claim.* We strongly believe your loss is our loss. 

*Note: sometimes there is additional cost when involving the Claims Advocate. If this is the case, we will discuss with you , in advance, a mutually acceptable arrangement.


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