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Fidget Spinners - Hidden Dangers

But, I want a fidget spinner please?  Have you heard this from your child?  Fidget spinners are now all the craze and flying off toy shelves and mall kiosks. They can be found in just about any color, in character, camo or other trends, can glow in the dark or have blinking LED lights.  This latest fad has hidden dangers you should be aware of.

In case you are wondering what a fidget spinner is, they are small, palm-sized gadgets that have prongs and circular bearings that will spin between a person's finders.  The bearings in the center allow them to spin, and the bearing can be brass, steel, ceramic, titanium or other materials. The spinners themselves are made of various materials. Many look similar to a three-blade mini propeller or the triple heads on an electric shaver, but some have only two blades while others have four, five or more blades, or are completely circular.  

They have been used to help children with ADHD, autism and anxiety to improve focus by relieving the need to fidget. 

What are the dangers to your child?

Because they can be taken apart, pieces can be choking hazards when swallowed.  Many spinners have weights about the size of a penny at the end of the blades which can get caught on the end of a child's finger. When spinning, some of them are designed with edges that are sharp enough to even cut through flesh. 

The Good Housekeeping Institute tested various spinners and determined that they are not suitable for children under three years old.  Fidget spinners are not approved by the FDA, so they are not regulated in their safety, product design or composition. Some brands do contain age restrictions and choking hazard warnings, but there are certainly no warnings of the dangers of their misuse.

We recommend that if you do purchase a fidget spinner for your child, that you supervise its use.  Follow all the instructions for recharging and examine the spinner after each use to insure that no parts are lose or sharp to the touch.